Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday

There are few things in life I love more than music from the 1980s. However, videos from the same era are a serious competitor.

In my pursuit to procrastinate from doing anything productive this weekend, I spent the better portion of the afternoon watching music videos from the '80s on youtube. (Seriously, I don't know how grown-ups procrastinated before the internet.)

Anywho, I stumbled upon this golden nugget and had to share it — Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."

My reason's for loving this video are tri-fold:

  1. I don't sing at karaoke bars, but if I did, this video shows how I would perform this song — with exactly the same gusto as the female lead does in this video.
  2. It has opened my eyes to a new Netflix Queue item. It uses scenes from the movie "Mannequin," which I have never seen, but want to now, based on the following: It appears to be some sort of "Sex in the City" meets "Police Academy" RomCom, it has a dog that may or may not have a breakout comedic role and finally, it has Andrew McCarthy. I adore Andrew McCarthy. 
  3. It's just a REALLY good song.

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