Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drum roll, please....

I told you I wouldn't leave you hanging!

Ok, so as I posted earlier, I had a wall(s) that had drywall tape cracking, probably from settling so I did what Dad taught me to do. Bugged one of my brothers until he came and fixed it for me.

I'm not even joking about that. In college, Dad drew my name for Kris Kringle gifts and made me a toolbox. It came equipped with emergency contact phone numbers and everything.

Fair warning, Brian & Greg, Jeremy said next time I can call 1-800-BRIAN or 1-800-GREG.

So Jeremy fixed the walls and then I was charged with the tough decision of picking a color to paint the living room.

I have plans to upgrade my living room furniture in the next year or so and I want to get a grey couch so I knew I wanted to pick a new neutral color that would go with that. But I had to be careful, because the current khaki color on the walls bled into the kitchen and the hallway and I was not mentally prepared to do that much painting.

Thankfully, Glidden has a great Color Palette tool that helps you see what colors will look like together.  After lots of emailing with willing subjects, I landed on Canyon Echo on the walls and Regal Purple on the interior of the front door and under the bar.

Here's the color before.

During painting...

You'll notice that I hit the jackpot on Day 1 of painting, because CMT was airing Overboard!

Door before.

Door after.

From the living room looking into Red/Khaki/White kitchen.

Here is a better view of the purple with the red. You can't really tell it in this photo, but the sidewalls of the bar are the old khaki color, in certain lights you can't tell they are different colors I guess.

So there is the big reveal. I LOVE IT! And thank goodness for Pinterest, I got my inspiration for the painting the interior door while dorking around on there.

My next project will be updating some of my wall art before hanging.


  1. it looks awesome!! love the colors and your door!! can't wait to see it in person!!! :)

  2. I love, love, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! The door is rockin, too!

  3. Love the purple!

  4. fun!! i am a little jealous that i don't live close enough to participate - i love me a good makeover!! nice work, eg!