Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"To tell the truth" Tuesday

I probably should have posted this on Music Monday, but I've been fighting with myself on whether or not to share this one with you.

The shameless side of me just won out.

On Saturday I had the CMT Top 20 Countdown on whilst cleaning and heard a great song come on the ole television. I decided I already loved it by time I reached the living room to see it was actually Miley Cyrus covering Bob Dylan's "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go."  

My heart sunk. I already love that stupid "Party in the USA" song, if I like her version of this song I'm practically a fan.

So here's where you all come in. Listen to this and tell me what you think. I can't make you do a blind listen because there was no way for me to post this video without her name at the top of it so you're gonig to have to get past any anti-Miley bias right now.

To balance out this post I'll also post the original version by Bob Dylan.

Clearly, it's just a great song.


  1. ok, I first had to get over the fact that you watch CMT :) But I will say that I listened to this song and also liked it. I think mostly because it's acoustic, so it's not all "Miley-ed" out.
    I still love you. Always and forever.

  2. Bob Dylan = good. Miley = not good. And I did listen to >1 minute of Miley to judge. Of greater concern, however, is your affinity for Party in the USA. Oh my. How do you feel about mullets? I only ask bc Tulo both sported a mullet and had PartyintheUSA as his at-bat song. Maybe you're a match! I still love my mullet-marrying friend. ;)

  3. Agreed that it is a great song. Not sold on the miley version - I tried - but her voice really grates on my nerves. Sorry, friend. I also still love you...

  4. i kind of agree with becca. . . although i feel really weird saying that since bob dylan also has a pretty crazy voice.

    i think adele should sing a cover. that's really the only way to decide. let's work it out.